The 20 Most Convincing Ghost Photos Ever Taken (20 Photos)

For centuries, there has been strong debate as to whether ghosts really exist. While many people think that ghosts are just a figment of the imagination, something dreamed up by Hollywood writers to sell tickets and scare moviegoers, others have had experiences that just can’t be explained with logic. Objects missing or even moving around, lights turning off and on, footsteps, voices, and wailing are just a few of the paranormal experiences some people have faced in the past that are just unexplainable.

Many cultures believe heavily in ghosts and spirits, believing that lost loved ones remain on the earth after they’ve passed. For years, cameras and video recording equipment has also caught weird things not seen by the person taking or posing for the photo. Light orbs are said to represent spirits, while transparent, ghastly images have been caught on film as well. Sometimes, even a person with detailed features has made a surprise appearance in photographs.

While paranormal experts insist that ghosts are real, there are still people that just don’t believe. These 20 photos are scary, haunting and may be a little more persuasive for those who think that ghosts are all just part of scary horror stories.

A Spooky Hand Hovers over a Bureau

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In the early 20th century, a photo was snapped of a Queen Anne bureau. Nothing seemed off about the bureau until the photo was developed. Once developed, there was a white, transparent hand hovering over the top of it. The photo is taken in such a way that a body would be seen if someone else was in the photo. However, a body is not seen in the picture, just the hand dangling over the top of the bureau. Unfortunately, due to the age of this particular ghost photo, there is not much more information or a backstory that could explain what happened.

A Lady Takes Flight with a Creepy Co-Pilot

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During a 1987 trip to the Fleet Air Arm Station in England, a group of friends was having fun and taking photographs. A woman by the name of Mrs. Sayer was encouraged to sit inside of a helicopter to pose for a picture. When the picture was developed, it became clear that Sayer wasn’t alone. A man in a white shirt can clearly be seen sitting beside her in the cockpit. All members of the group said that no one else was in the helicopter, and Sayer herself said that it felt cold inside of the helicopter, even though it was very warm elsewhere.

A Ghost or an Angel?

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In 1988, a 58-year-old woman named Rose Benvenutowas involved in a car accident in New York. The car accident was so bad, many wondered how she even survived. A police photographer by the name of Sharon Boo was on the scene to take photos of the damage. She took photographs from all angles of the car to show the damage. When the photos were developed, one stood out. In one image, taken of the front end of the car, a white figure is shown. While some believe that this is a ghost, others, including the woman involved in the accident, think that this was a guardian angel.

A Ghostly Farm

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While photographer Neil Sandbach took photos of a farmhouse in England, he was surprised to see a ghost-like figure of a little boy in the background of one of the photos. When he asked the owners of the home about the ghost, they said that they had seen the figure multiple times. In the photo, it looks as though there is a little boy peeking out. There is no information as to the backstory of this ghost, such as who it could possibly be. But as seen in the photo, there is something there that’s difficult to explain.

Get Your Hands Off Me!

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One of the more recent strange shots came from The Philippines. Not much is known about this photo, but it is very creepy. The story is that two girls were walking down the street when they asked a stranger to take a picture of them. After looking at the photo, it appeared that the two girls weren’t alone. In the picture, a transparent figure is gripping onto the arm of one of the girls. This is certainly one of the best ghost photos available. However, the origins of the photo aren’t really known and it hasn’t been truly examined to determine if it is real or not.

A Pink Lady is Caught on Camera

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In Indiana, a man by the name of Guy Winters, accompanied by a friend, set out to investigate the O’Hare Mansion. The duo decided to check out the mansion because friends had alerted them of some odd occurrences at that location. While there, Winters snapped pictures, and later saw that there was something disturbing that could be seen in the upstairs windows. A pink apparition with a skull-like face showed up in multiple photos. He claims that he did not see anything in the windows at the time that the photos were taken, and he also reports that there were other paranormal activities that night.

An Electric Chair Gets Even Scarier

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An electric chair is pretty intimidating on its own, but it’s a real nightmare when there might be a ghost sitting in it. In Tennessee, a man named Fred Leuchter was hired by the state to modify and modernize an electric chair. The engineer took the chair home and snapped a few photos before beginning his work. When looking at the photos later, there were a few disturbing things that caught his eye. Orbs that could represent spirits were seen, a blurry face sits against the back of a chair, and a limp, dangling, and transparent hand is seen where a dead man’s hand would lay if he was sitting in the chair.

A Ghost Stops in During a Family Swim

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In Queensland, Australia, a woman by the name of Kim Davison was enjoying a dip in the Lockyer River with her friend and three children in 2014. When a photo was taken of the group, they thought they were just capturing a memory of a fun day. However, when looking at the photo, it appeared as though there was another child in the photo with them. The group insists that there were no other children there when the photo was taken. Upon doing some research, it was found that a 13-year-old girl had died in the same spot about 100 years prior to this photo being taken.

Queensland Has a History of Paranormal Activity

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The ghost seen by Kim Davison and her loved ones hasn’t been the only ghost spotted in Queensland. Way back in the 1940s, a woman by the name of Mary Andrews made a startling discovery when she took a photograph. Andrews’ daughter passed away at the age of 17, and a year later, her mother went to her grave to take a photo. When the photo was developed, a startling image of a transparent child is seen sitting on the grave. The woman claimed that no other children were in the area when the photo was taken, and a double exposure was ruled out by experts. She said that the child did not resemble her daughter. However, there were two graves located nearby, both belonging to baby girls.

A Ghostly Cowboy Haunts a Cemetery

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Terry Clanton took some photos of his friend dressed in cowboy attire from the 1800s. The actor, recording artist, and cowboy snapped the shots at Boothill Graveyard and couldn’t believe what he saw in one of the photos. Behind his friend, a person dressed in cowboy gear appears to be kneeling, coming from the ground, or just has no legs. Upon examining the photo, it appears as though the mysterious figure is holding a knife. Those who don’t believe the story can also look for a shadow: While Clanton’s friend has a shadow that is clearly seen in the photo, the other man does not.

A Reverend Catches a Weird Figure on Camera at the Altar

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In 1963, a photo was taken at Newby Church located in England. The photograph was taken by Reverend K. F. Lord, who snapped the picture of the altar of this church. There have never been any reports of ghost sightings in this particular church. However, one of the photos taken by the reverend show a shrouded, monk-like figure staring straight at the camera. The photographer insists that no one was in the room with him when he snapped the shot. Many people have questioned the validity of the photo simply because the figure is just too clear. However, the photo has been analyzed by several photo experts, who say that this is not the result of double exposure or any other sort of flaw.

A Grandfather Pays His Family a Visit

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One of the more recent ghost photographs was taken in 1997. A woman by the name of Denise Russell decided to take a picture of her grandmother. Russell and her sister visited the woman’s assisted living home for a picnic and snapped the shot, which they even shared with family members. However, upon examining the photo, a man is clearly standing behind the woman. While this might not seem too strange at first, Russell and her family claim it looks identical to her grandfather. The only problem is that he passed away in 1984, several years before this photo was taken.

Ghost Rejoins His Squadron

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This photo was originally taken in 1919 but did not come to attention until 1975 when it was shown by retired officer Sir Victor Goddard. The photo is a group shot of his squadron, and it includes all members, including a man by the name of Freddy Jackson. The only problem? Jackson had been killed two days before the picture was taken. The air mechanic was killed by an airplane propeller before the shot was taken. However, in the back row of the photo, a white, ghostly face that members of the squadron claim resembles Jackson hovers, making those who see the photo wonder if he made one last return to his squadron.

Ghost with a Dead Woman’s Face Visits St. Botolph’s

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A picture was taken of the inside of St. Botolph’s Church in London back in 1982. When the photo was developed, the photographer was shocked to see a ghostly apparition sitting in the loft of the church. Upon closer investigation, it appeared to be a woman standing in the loft. Only a handful of people were in the church at the time the photograph was taken and none had gone into the loft area. When the picture was shown to others, a builder of the church said that he recognized the face of the figure as a woman that he had seen in a coffin there at her funeral.

Ghost in Austria Just Wants to Join the Party

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In 1988, a group was enjoying themselves at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Austria. They wanted to get a photo of the entire group, so a member of the party set the self-timer and set the camera down on a nearby table. When the camera took the shot, the flash did not go off, so the man reset the camera and got a different shot with the flash on. Once the film was developed, both photos came out okay. However, the first shot without the flash had an extra guest. A blurry head, much larger than those of the other guests, is squeezed in between two other people. The head is not seen in the second shot. No one in the photo recognized the unknown person, and photo experts have claimed that this phenomenon was not the result of double exposure.

Bachelor’s Grove Is Full of Ghosts

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Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery located near Chicago has long been known as a spot for paranormal activity. Hundreds of ghost sightings have been reported, and in 1991, a group by the name of the Ghost Research Society decided to look into some of these strange accounts. While in the cemetery, multiple photos were taken with high-speed photography. No one else was in the area other than members of the group. One photo that stood out was one that depicted a lady in white clothing, sitting by herself. The woman had a transparent look and was also wearing clothing that was not of that particular time period, making many believe that the reports of paranormal activity may actually be true.

Backseat Ghost Rider

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In the 1950s, a woman by the name of Mabel Chinnery was visiting her mother’s grave. When she approached the vehicle, she took several photos of her husband, who was sitting in the front seat of the car. When the film was developed, Chinnery got quite a surprise when a figure in the backseat of the car appeared. Chinnery claimed that the person in the photo looked just like her mother, the same mother whose grave she was visiting the day the picture was taken. The photo has been examined by a photo expert, who said that the person in the vehicle was not created by a reflection or double exposure.

The Ghost of Toys ‘R Us

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In Sunnyvale, California, there have always been odd things happening at the local Toys R Us store. Employees and customers have noticed things like changes in temperature, toys that were moved during the night, or toys that were stacked up overnight while the store was closed. A paranormal expert visited the store and even managed to get a photo of a creepy figure that other people in the store did not remember and that was not picked up on the store’s security cameras. Legends say that a man once died while working on an orchard that was located in the same spot the store was erected.

“The Brown Lady” Makes an Appearance Often

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A ghost known only as “The Brown Lady” is one of the most famous in history. The ghost is thought to be that of Dorothy Townshend, who was married to Charles Townshend. The couple lived in Raynham Hall in England during the 1700s. Dorothy died and was buried. However, rumors circulated that her husband accused her of infidelity and locked her up in a room of the home for an unknown number of years. In the 1800s, multiple guests of the home stated that they saw a lady dressed in brown walking around the home. In 1936, a photo was taken on the staircase that depicts a ghostly, otherworldly woman that very much resembles a ghost.

The Ghost Boy of the Amityville Horror House

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Anyone who has watched the movie The Amityville Horror knows that it is based loosely on true events. The DeFeo family lived in a home, and the eldest brother, Ronald, killed his parents and four siblings, blaming an evil presence in the home for his actions. After the events, another family purchased the home, and they fled from the house, claiming that it was haunted. The real story behind whether or not the house was haunted has been questioned for years. However, one photograph has turned up that shows the house may have indeed been haunted. The photo depicts an empty hallway with a child peering out from behind a staircase. It has been rumored that this child looks like one of the DeFeo children, one who was killed by his brother.


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