The Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Is Well Worth The Upgrade

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Most of us don’t give too much thought to our garage door openers unless you start having an issue. But modern garage door openers have many new features that might make an upgrade worth a look. My garage doors are the older, single-panel solid-wood type. The older screw-drive Chamberlain model I had in place was pushed to its limits to open such a heavy door. So when Chamberlain contacted me about trying out their new 1 1/4 HP Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener, I jumped at the chance.

I have installed garage door openers in the past so I was comfortable with the process, but Chamberlain also offered professional installation through A-C Garage Door Co. which I took advantage of.

Smartphone Control with Alerts

The HD950WF incorporates Chamberlain’s MyQ technology which allows you to connect the garage door opener to your home wi-fi. There is a companion MyQ smartphone app that allows you to open or close the door through your phone. It also shows the current status of the door and allows you to set up push notifications to alert you whenever the door is opened or closed. Best of all you can open and close your garage door with the MyQ from anywhere in the world. The MyQ app also integrates with other smart-home systems such as Nest, Wink, and Xfinity Home.

Smart Control Pad

Gone are the days of simply having a button to open or close your garage door. The control pad has a bright LCD display that shows the current time and temperature, any status alerts about the opener. It also allows you to program your garage door to automatically close after a certain amount of time. Perfect for those of you with “forgetful” kids. My favorite feature of the control panel is that it incorporates a motion sensor which turns on the openers lights when you enter the garage. Gone are the days of stumbling into a dark garage!

Quiet Operation

If you have a screw- or chain-driven garage door opener, you will not believe how quiet the steel-reinforced belt drive is. The garage door opens and closes with just a quiet hum. Perfect if you have bedrooms over your garage.

Battery Backup

A battery backup is incorporated right into the HD950WF allowing you to open your garage door even in the event of a power failure. You should get one to two days operation out of the battery.


There is much to love about the Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener. In addition to all of the cool features listed above, simply having the peace of mind of know that your house is secure through your phone is worth the upgrade. You can Learn more at Chamberlain’s web site or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  Take a look at the photo gallery below for all of the details of our installation.

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